Welcome to Space, Time, and Number: Cerebral Foundations of Mathematical Intuition

24th Attention & Performance meeting

July 6 – July 10, 2010

Program Organizing Committee

Stanislas Dehaene , Collège de France, Paris
Elizabeth Brannon , Duke University, USA

Attention and Performance meetings have been taking place every two years for the past fifty years. They bring together about 25 leading researchers, together with 25-35 top doctoral and post doctoral students in a broad variety of areas of cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Their workshop style with no parallel meetings and a small group of invited participants allows for intensive informal and often very productive exchanges.  The meetings have always resulted in a series of proceedings, which have marked the field of cognitive science since the inception of the symposia

The 24th International Symposium will cover “Space, Time and Number”. How the brain handles basic mathematical concepts has been the focus of much  scientific research. Understanding how representations of space, time and number are encoded in brain circuitry has become a fundamental issue for neuroscience. Furthermore, how these representations differ across cultures and are changed by education is a key question that has a great many practical implications for education and neuropsychology. We therefore think that the topic is ripe for a highly interdisciplinary meeting with contributions from a variety of disciplines, from basic neuroscience to psychology, developmental science, neuroimaging, neuropsychology and theoretical biology.

Two publications are emanating from the Symposium :

December 2010: A TICS special issue dedicated to the meeting containing six selected articles by Laje & Buonomano, Burr, Ross, Binda and Morrone, Butterworth, Derdikman and Moser, Haun, Jordan,  Vallortigara &  Clayton and Piazza.
June 2011: Elsevier Science will publish a book entitled “Space, Time and Number in the Brain – Searching for Evolutionary Foundations of Mathematical Thought” containing all the Symposium presentations plus new contributions by Elisabeth Brannon and Stanislas Dehaene.


The 12th century Vaux de Cernay Abbey located 50 kms out of Paris in a magnificent 7 acre park.
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