We currently do not have any opening for PhD students.

Self-funding postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to apply 

Help us investigate the singularity of the human brain!

Positions available in the Dehaene team

Cognitive Neuro-Imaging Unit, NeuroSpin, Saclay, France

Postdoctoral positions are available at the Cognitive Neuro-Imaging Unit (www.unicog.org) located at NeuroSpin, France’s advanced brain imaging center.

The positions are funded, in part, by a European Research Council (ERC) advanced grant which has been granted to Stanislas Dehaene to study the “languages of the brain”. The aim is to clarify how the brain represents complex nested sequences, and why the human brain is so unique in its ability to process language, mathematics, or music. The methods combine intracranial recordings, magneto-encephalography, functional MRI and computational modeling.

You will be part of a team of young researchers who develop innovative paradigms for behavioral and brain-imaging analysis. We expect to fill three positions, respectively in

  • Analysis of human intracranial signals during the processing of sentences, and comparison of simultaneously recorded intracranial and MEG signals.
  • Comparison of functional brain activity during sequence processing in humans and non-human primates, using fMRI and electrophysiological tools.
  • Modelling of sequence processing using mathematical and neural-network approaches

We are looking for highly motivated and autonomous young minds with a passion for research. The position requires a strong background in neuroscience, cognitive science, mathematics, physics, or computer science; a strong competence in written and spoken English; and excellent programming skills (primarily Matlab or Python). Linguistic skills would be strong bonus. The whole lab operates solely in English, but speaking French could be useful for some aspects of stimulus design. 
Contact: Stanislas.Dehaene@cea.fr