18month Paid Position for Postdoctoral/Engineer Improving and Developing Tools for Analyzing Adaptive Educational Software for Kids

Location: Neurospin

Project Financement: Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir Action “innovation numérique pour l’excellence educative”, chapter Espace de Formation, de Recherche et d’Animation Numérique (e-FRAN).

Job description: We are currently developing game based software,  called Kalulu, for early reading and math education. The game is being developed using the platform Godot (https://godotengine.org/), a python based programming language. The game combines an education pedagogy based on principles from cognitive science, with adaptive algorithms that create a model of the child’s knowledge, which in turn, shape the users experience ensuring an appropriate level of learning.

The game will be tested by ~1000 French school children in France. An alpha version of Kalulu already exists. A link from the website to see the game can be access here, https://ludoeducation.wordpress.com/).

Requirements: Presently, we seek a highly motivated post-doctoral engineer to help us improve Kalulu in the following areas:

  • Improve how the game models the child’s knowledge
  • Develop specific algorithms for game adaptation according to the child’s model
  • Create the data-files that will be communicated to the lab of the child’s progress
  • Help us create a page within the game environment that will communicate the child’s knowledge model to the teacher
  • Help us to create models in python for analyzing the progress made by the child.

The candidate must have experience in programming using Python, developing adaptive algorithms, data analysis and modeling. Experience in tablet game development (using Godot or another platform) is a definite bonus. We do not require that you have a background in education, however, we are looking for extremely motivated people that want to make a difference in how children learn! The candidate’s job will not be just to improve  our alpha Kalulu but to help us think of new and innovative ways to model the child’s performance and support learning. Applicants should mail their cv to cassandra@potierwatkins.net.


We currently do not have any opening for PhD students.

Self-funding postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to apply