The INSERM / CEA Neuroimaging lab in Neurospin, Saclay (91, France) is opening a 24 to 42 months position for a research engineer or post-doc to create a mobile EEG data collection unit, to be used in children at school.
This project is part of IDEE (Innovation, Data, and Experiments for Education) platform. IDEE is a recent consortium founded to develop experimental research in education at a large scale in France and provide on-demand equipment and technical expertise to all interested researchers.
The aim of the present position would be to develop a robust pipeline to record and analyze EEG data in children at school along 3 axes
● Transfer the main cognitive paradigms validated in labs toward the field (i.e. in classrooms) and provide a library of standardized protocols to measure brain responses predictive of child development
● Provide field researchers with integrated pipelines allowing easy data collection and analyses in individual participants (from data recording to graphical/statistical results)
● Develop a recording system for synchronized data collection in a group of children or teacher and children as the subsequent analyses, to evaluate pedagogy

The project will be conducted in close collaboration with Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz (researcher CNRS) and Stanislas Dehaene (professor, Collège de France, Director of Neurospin)
The selected candidate will be located in Neurospin, within the Developmental Neuroimaging lab. In this lab high-density EEG, MEG and MRI are routinely used in infants and children to study language development, social cognition, attention, mathematical cognition, etc.
Neurospin is a brain imaging center dedicated to the understanding of the human brain and to the development of brain imaging technologies.
Five laboratories currently share their expertise on site and provide a stimulating research environment. It is located in the south suburb of Paris in Paris Saclay University.
Fluent knowledge in computer programming (languages: Python, Matlab), statistical analyses (e.g., SPSS, R, Matlab), and data management softwares is required
Previous experience with one or more of the following are not required but would be bonus
  • human research, particularly with infants or children
  • neuroimaging techniques (EEG, MEG, MRI, etc)
  • knowledge of the French language
The position is funded for up to 42 months by a French state contract (CDD).
Expected starting date: May-June 2022.
Salary is commensurate with experience.
To apply, please submit a CV, a cover letter explaining how your previous research experiences are relevant to this project, and two letters of reference.
Please send the application package to and with “mobile EEG data collection unit” in the email subject line.
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