Applications are invited for a tenure-track position as Principal Investigator to lead a novel research axis at NeuroSpin in Saclay, near Paris, France, directed by Stanislas Dehaene. The call is for a contract for a minimum of 4 years and up to 8 years, potentially leading to a permanent position at INSERM or CNRS. Salary is commensurate with experience.


Scientific goals. The objective is to start a joint team between NeuroSpin and the Vision Institute led by Jose Sahel in Paris. The Vision Institute specializes in visual restoration using retinal implants, cortical implants or optogenetic techniques in diseases such as retinal dystrophy, AMD, or congenital blindness. Taking advantage of those unique technological advances, the proposed research will study, in the human brain, the reorganization of visual pathways that accompanies the restoration of vision. The candidate would use visuomotor, object and word recognition tasks, with the ultimate goal to monitor and predict the successful recovery of functional reading abilities. These investigations could be performed using behavioral methods, MR tractography, fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging), EEG (electroencephalography) and MEG (magnetoencephalography). The observations in blind individual could be compared with the neural plasticity observed in adults with normal vision, and in children during reading acquisition, both in normal readers and in dyslexics. There is considerable freedom to establish an independent research program within those general guidelines.


Profile: The successful candidate should have an advanced post-doctoral level, a competitive record of publications, and a demonstrated expertise in human visual cognitive neuroscience – ideally but not necessarily on the brain mechanisms of reading. H/She should show an ability to develop research with single-case studies of patients with visual and/or cognitive deficits. H/She would be expected to work in tight collaboration with Stanislas Dehaene, Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz, and other researchers at NeuroSpin, Jose Sahel, Serge Picaud and other scientists at the Vision Institute, and Laurent Cohen at ICM in Paris.


Eligible qualifications for this position include:

  • D. in Cognitive neuroscience or a related discipline
  • Excellent knowledge of brain imaging with MRI and MEG
  • Good computer programming skills (languages: python, Matlab)
  • Knowledge of the French language is not required, but would be a bonus.


How to apply. Submit a letter detailing your current research interests and scientific projects, a curriculum vitae, and two letters of recommendation (or the appropriate contact information) to with “Vision candidate” in the headline. Please apply before March 31st, 2020, for a start date in the summer or early Fall 2020.

NeuroSpin is France’s advanced brain-imaging center. NeuroSpin hosts 8 state-of-the-art neuroimaging systems including three human MRIs (3T, 7T, and a world-record 11.7 Tesla), three animal MRIs (7T, 11.7T and 17.T), MEG and 3-photon imaging. NeuroSpin teams develop advanced tools for structural image processing (BrainVisa), machine learning (SciKit Learn), fMRI data analysis (Nipy, Nilearn), diffusion imaging (Connectomist), and M/EEG analysis (MNE Python). A 150-terabyte data archiving system, a large local computer cluster and access to the new CEA supercomputer are available.