Applications are invited for a 2-year Post-Doc in cognitive neuroscience of reading at the Neurospin brain imaging center.

This project is led by Pr Laurent COHEN at the ICM (Paris), and by Pr Stanislas DEHAENE at the Neurospin imaging center (Saclay). Our aim is to investigate the cognitive mechanisms and spatiotemporal dynamics of word reading in the occipitotemporal cortex, with a special emphasis on the interplay of bottom-up visual input, and “top-down” influences from distant areas engaged in language and attention.

The proposed post-doc is for 7T MRI (Neurospin). Our goal with 7T fMRI is not only to increase resolution in the cortical plane, but also to reach laminar resolution across cortical layers, thus separating the predominantly bottom-up inputs to layer IV and the top-down influences to supra- and infra-granular layers. The results will be compared with MEG signals in the same tasks.

Candidates should have completed, or be close to completing, a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience or a related discipline. They should have end-to-end experience with the design and implementation of cognitive experiments, and with the use of fMRI — and if possible MEG – methods, and should have excellent programing skills. Experience in fMRI of cortical layers, or in fMRI and analysis techniques would be appreciated for the implementation of laminar imaging.

The position is funded by the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), and is open as of April 2022, for a duration of two years.

Informal inquiries should be sent to

To apply, please send a CV, a statement of research interests, and two letters of reference or names of colleagues willing to recommend you to