Removing Artifacts With ADJUST


  • August 2015: New version ADJUST1.1.1 !
    Bug fix: function pop_selectcomps_ADJ updated to avoid crashing caused by the upgrade of Matlab's graphics objects (Matlab versions R2014b and later).
  • May 2014: Version ADJUST1.1. Major update:
    - Simplified procedure, command line scripting possible.
    - Accepts channels with no location.
    - Matlab/EEGLAB bugs solved.
    - New improved tutorial.

What is ADJUST

A major problem in the analysis of MEG/EEG recordings is that the activity due to artifacts has typically much higher amplitude than the one generated by neural sources. A successful method for removing artifacts from EEG recordings is Independent Component Analysis (ICA), but its implementation remains largely user-dependent. To overcome this limitation, we have developed ADJUST, a completely automatic algorithm that identifies artifacted Independent Components (IC) by combining stereotyped artifact-specific spatial and temporal features. Features are optimised to capture blinks, eye movements and generic discontinuities. Once artifacted IC are identified, they can be simply removed from the data while leaving the activity due to neural sources almost unaffected.

ADJUST has been implemented as a plugin of the EEGLAB toolbox, a matlab-based software for analysis of electrophysiological data. ADJUST plugin uses EEGLAB's excellent tools to compute the ICA and display the properties of the artifacted IC in multiple dimensions (topography, time course, power spectrum).

ADJUST has a continuously increasing number of users (see citations on Google Scholar) and has been included in the NIH Neuroimaging Tools and Resources Platform.


For the details of the algorithm and its validation on real data see:

Mognon, A., Jovicich, J., Bruzzone, L., Buiatti, M., ADJUST: An Automatic EEG artifact Detector based on the Joint Use of Spatial and Temporal features. Psychophysiology 48 (2), 229-240 (2011). [abstract] [pdf]

Please cite this paper to reference ADJUST in publications.

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Thanks to ADJUST users for their invaluable comments and suggestions of improvements, in particular to Maximilien Chaumon, Giuseppe Cozzuto, Mikolaj Magnuski, Michael Yeung.


Copyright (C) 2009-2015 Marco Buiatti (1,2) and Andrea Mognon (1)

(1) Center for Mind/Brain Sciences, University of Trento, Italy
(2) INSERM U992 - Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit, Gif sur Yvette, France

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ADJUST for MEG data

At present, ADJUST is optimized for removing artifacts from EEG data. An ADJUST development specific for MEG data, including a module for heart beat detection, is currently under testing. Please contact Marco Buiatti (marco dot buiatti at gmail dot com) for details.

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