Two-year postdoc position at NeuroSpin on visual plasticity of blind individuals

We are looking for a motivated post-doctoral candidate to join the Cognitive Neuroimaging unit (UNICOG) at NeuroSpin, Paris-Saclay, France, to study the visual plasticity and potential cortical reorganization of blind individuals.

Stanislas Dehaene received the 2024 Atkinson Prize in Psychological and Cognitive Sciences.

Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz obtained the ERC Advanced Grant BBThoughts Dynamics of mental representations and learning in preverbal infants

NeuroSpin is opening a new tenure-track position for a research scientist in cognitive neuroscience

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Cédric Foucault difended his Phd



Adaptive learning in humans, brains, and neural networks: The role of uncertainty and probabilities

Sorbonne University

Marie Lubineau difended her PhD



Nouveaux outils pour le diagnostic de la dyslexie

Université Paris Cité

Lucas Benjamin defended his PhD


Title of the thesis: Human sensitivity to statistical regularities at different scales in auditory sequences: evidence from electrophysiology and behavior in adults and neonates.

Sorbonne University


Camille Grasso received the Prix de la Thèse 2022 from Aix Marseille University

Prix de la Thèse AMU 2022 | Ecole doctorale Cognition, Langage, Education

The thesis:

Traitement des mots abstraits : comment le corps et le mouvement ancrent le concept de temps dans notre architecture cognitive

Valentine Mandin est une des lauréates du Prix de la Vocation

Anna Wagelmans received a Brainstorm research funding