Neuroimaging of Human Cognitive Architectures

Directed by Stanislas Dehaene, Professor at Collège de France
We analyze, in the healthy subject, the architecture of cerebral networks involved in cognitive functions that are particularly developed in humans, including syntax in the linguistic and mathematical domains, access to consciousness, and introspection

Neuroimaging of Language and Symbols

Directed by Christophe Pallier, DR CNRS
We analyze the neural bases of language and symbol processing, including the semantic processing of words and numbers.

Neuroimaging of Development

Directed by Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz, DR1 CNRS
We examine human cognitive development in infants and children, both at the structural and functional levels, and to develop new imaging techniques adapted to human infants.


Directed by Béchir Jarraya, Professor at University of Versailles Paris Saclay
We analyze the primate brain functions, and evaluate their modulation by pharmacological agents or electrical neurostimulations.

Magnetoencephalography and Brain dynamics

Directed by Virginie van Wassenhove, CEA
We evaluate the processing of multisensory information, its temporal organization and particularly the representation of temporal information in the human brain, using magnetoencephalography (MEG) as a principal method.

The Computational Brain

Directed by Florent Meyniel, CEA
Our team studies various functions of the human brain from the viewpoint of computations. Our goal is to propose quantitative models of brain functions, algorithms for the processing of information and identity the neural codes that subtend them.



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