Publications of year 2008
  1. P Picq, L Sagart, Ghislaine Dehaene-Lambertz, and C. Lestienne. La plus belle histoire du langage. Seuil, 2008.

  1. Anne-Dominique Devauchelle. Exploration du réseau cérébral impliqué dans les traitements syntaxiques et lexico-sémantiques des phrases. PhD thesis, Université Paris VI, 2008.
    Note: Supervised by Christophe Pallier and Stanislas Dehaene. [PDF]

Book chapters
  1. Jean-Pierre Changeux and Stanislas Dehaene. The neuronal workspace model: conscious processing and learning. In R.Menzel, editor,Learning and Memory: A Comprehensive Reference. Elsevier, 2008. [PDF]

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Articles in journals
  1. Jamila Andoh, Eric Artiges, Christophe Pallier, Denis Rivière, Jean-Francois Mangin, Marie-Laure Paillère-Martinot, and Jean-Luc Martinot. Priming Frequencies of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation over Wernicke's Area Modulate Word Detection.. Cereb Cortex, 18(1):210--216, January 2008. [WWW] [PDF] [Abstract]

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  5. Guido Corallo, Jérôme Sackur, Stanislas Dehaene, and Mariano Sigman. Limits on introspection: distorted subjective time during the dual-task bottleneck. Psychol Sci, 19(11):1110--1117, November 2008. [WWW] [PDF] [Abstract]

  6. Stanislas Dehaene, Véronique Izard, Elizabeth Spelke, and Pierre Pica. Log or linear? Distinct intuitions of the number scale in Western and Amazonian indigene cultures. Science, 320(5880):1217--1220, May 2008. [WWW] [PDF] [Abstract]

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  1. Jim Holt. Numbers Guy. Are our brains wired for math?, 2008. [PDF]



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